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Zar Mini AIR

Our ZAR mini AIR line was designed as a tender for motor and sailing yacht’s. It is your ideal dinghy for everyday use.

The mini AIR line is the ideal inflatable boat for people who are looking for a reliable and small foldable boat.  It is very easy to assemble and stow away and is ideal for small car or yacht storage.

The high-pressure floor made in the “drop-stich” processing can be inflated until 0.8 bar. Together with the air keel that can be inflated until 0.35 bar, the small ZAR mini AIR gets very rigid and planing is easy. We have chosen the flat double flooring with air keel, because it has the advantage that in comparison to a V-floor you can still drive, if your high-pressure flooring has a leakage.


All foldable AIR inflatables from ZAR mini have a 5-layer reinforced high quality 1.100 dtex PVC material with a weight of 1.050g/m2 and a thickness of 0.9mm. All PVC seams of our ZAR mini tube chambers are welded. High quality materials paired with constant research & development are the keys to success.


Standard equipment means all boats feature an overpressure valve that will protect your tube when inflated properly.


Every single ZAR mini inflatable boat passes a very strict quality control, before we deliver it to our valued customers. Just in case a mistake passes the quality control, you will be protected by our limited 2 year warranty after registering your boat with us.


With our large standard equipment and our modern Italian Design with an extra wide bow, the ZAR mini inflatables are one of a kind.



AIR 10

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