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The ZAR Mini Inflatable series includes the FUN line. This line of boats is reliable and very small. The FUN Mini Inflatable boat is ideally suited to those in the market for reliable, compact, single person transit to and from a larger vessel or shore.  They are remarkably simple to assemble and disassemble, requiring basically only tube inflation and deflation. With slatted deck pieces and lightweight components, this line is very efficient to use. Ultra- light and rolled up easily, storage of a ZAR Inflatable Mini FUN™ on a sailboat, yacht or in a car is easy. The FUN series is available in three sizes, FUN 6 (5’11”) FUN 7 (6’11”) and FUN 8 (7”11”)- all of which have  a 4’9” beam. A 3HP engines most suitable for this line of inflatable boats.



As part of the ZAR family, the Mini FUN Series is the result of continuous research, quality materials and Formenti design goals such as safety,  comfort and utility. It has an extra wide bow, a generous seating bench and solid, detachable flooring. All ZAR Mini FUN Inflatables™ are manufactured with 5- layer, re-enforced, high quality 1.100 dtex PVC materials with a thickness of .9mm. The tube chambers are welded and an overpressure valve protects the boat when it is properly inflated. Every ZAR Mini FUN™ Inflatable is passed through rigorous quality control which is endorsed by a two-year warrantee after your boat is registered with us.


The ZAR Mini FUN™ Series is small but designed for highly efficient use. Light and easy to inflate, deflate, roll up, stow it is a dream utility in a small boat.  

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