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the zar sport luxury line 

The Sport Luxury line has been grafted onto the established hull lines of ZAR Tenders 49, 59, 79 and 85.  What has emerged is an exceptional line with added sportiness, performance and extended  luxury.

It also provides great service to big yachts. While the design of the SL line builds upon the remarkably well-established integrity of the RIB Tender line, the distinction brings even greater attention to stylistic details, superior cruising and passenger accommodation.


The SL Series  magnifies the stylistic innovations of the Tender series by delivering a considerable advance with respect to design; for example more angularity for responsive performances; tilting mechanical steering systems and sport drives; standard equipment which includes stainless steel cleats, eyebolts for hangers, maximum storage spaces, a double heavy bumper and much more. Cruising experience is clearly a priority. One sees this in the abundance of storage lockers, the headrests on seats, stainless steel folding ladders, the extensive safety features such as wide bench seating,  repair kits, safety handles and an inflating pump. The SL line of Tenders is a graduated, sporty and luxurious experience. The result is a responsive, incredibly comfortable and  fluid transit that is often described as something akin to elegant  harmony.

The roominess, comfort and design features of the ZAR 49 Sport Luxury Tender begin an elevated  cruising experience in this first of the SL Line. With this progression in vision and  technology, the 49 SL inaugurates a line of sports tenders intended for high performance. Comfort, safety and superior navigation experiences come with the Line’s careful preparation and equipment.  One sees this attention in the abundance of  wide storage lockers (eight in total) 6 stainless steel handles, dual aft decks, with a stainless -steel ladder on the portside and  generous seating with ergonomic back rests in varying forms.  Navigation is enhanced in this model with a tilting mechanical steering system, a sport drive and a driver’s seat with the option to semi-seat.

For those seeking a sporty more luxurious experience in the smaller ZAR tender, the ZAR 49SL is your answer.

LOA-16.1'   Beam-7'1"   Max HP-100   Seating- 9

ADDITIONAL STANDARD FEATURES: a double heavy rubber bumper, rubber handles, 4 stainless steel cleats, inflating pump, a paddle set and a repair kit.

OPTIONS INCLUDE:  (but are not limited to) a spot light, bilge pump, fresh water pressure system with water tank and shower and auxiliary motor support.

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