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ZAR Mini Rib 8 to 16

Our ZAR mini RIB line has different sizes and versions. All boats can be equipped with a bow locker (“L”) and flat double flooring (“D”). Starting from RIB11 have a bow locker and from RIB 12 a double flooring and a bow locker as standard features. Beyond the RIB13 you will have an extra wide bow.


Below these sizes (RIB8,9 & 10) you can choose what you need.


As optional equipment there are steering consoles and double seating (starting from RIB9 and only with double floor). You can also choose from a variety of sunroofs, bilge pumps, cushions and many more things. Please ask your ZAR mini dealer. We can serve you best.


From 25hp ZAR mini RIB line can easily pull water toys, water-skier and tubes with the two installed D-rings on the transom. You will find your matching ZAR mini RIB for all kinds of watersports; waterskiing, cruising, SCUBA diving, fishing or serving as a tender to your yacht. ZAR mini RIB is able to satisfy your expectations. 



Every ZAR mini has three lifting Davit lifting points. One in the bow and two on the transom. If your ZAR mini has a bow locker, you will have four lifting points.


Due to the very light aluminum hull it can go very fast and plan easily with a smaller engine. The hull will not face any problems of osmoses or gel coat defects like a fiberglass hull. It will also last longer and not become heavier during use. The aluminum hull is being specially manufactured, and powder coated to resist corrosion and saltwater. You will have a lot of fun with your ZAR mini RIB.


All RIB inflatables from ZAR mini until RIB14 have a 5-layer reinforced high quality 1.100 dtex PVC material with a weight of 1.050g/m2 and a thickness of 0.9mm. From RIB15 have a 5-layer reinforced high quality 1.100 dtex PVC material with a weight of 1.500g/m2 and a thickness of 1.2mm.


All ZAR mini RIB inflatables are also available in CSM (formally known as Hypalonäfrom DuPontä) with a special design. Please ask your ZAR mini dealer, for further details. CSM lasts much longer than PVC and is more resistant toward UV light, acid, alkalis, saltwater, heat and cold. We use Hypatexäthat is one on the best material on the world market today. It has been manufactured for 60 years.


All PVC seams of our ZAR mini tube chambers are welded. All boats feature an overpressure valve as standard equipment that will protect your tube when inflated properly. High quality materials paired with constant research & development are the keys to success.


Every single ZAR mini inflatable boat passes a very strict quality control, before we deliver it to our valued customers. Just in case a mistake passes the quality control, you will be protected by our limited 2-year warranty after registering your boat with us.


With our standard equipment and our modern Italian design, the ZAR mini inflatables are one of a kind.


RIB 11

RIB 12

RIB 13

RIB 14

RIB 15


RIB 16 hdl-sc

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